Welcome back, flapjack fiends!

This issue is going through withdrawal, so please ignore any shits, sweats or shakes that may occur during your perusal.

In our final publication of 2010, we’re on a tweak mission to bring down your tolerance for foolish powder prose and fine Peruvian poetry, plus give you wings on a line of applejack artwork.  “Trust, Cigarettes and How to Travel With Someone You Hate” explores the intersection of addiction and relationship failure.  “The Future of Literature” ponders where our cultural obsession with Twitter will lead.  “No Comment” reveals one editor’s spiral into chemical dependence while “Smack Talk of the Town” offers a glimpse at the evolution of a more ethical cocaine industry.

So, strap that monkey on your back and train your headlights on some habit-forming Hobo Pancakes.  Just be careful not to blow your fix, batterheads!

With addictive sincerity,

The Hobo Pancakes Team

Letters to the Editor

No Comment
“Addict, Schmaddict”
by Kelly Anneken, managing editor

Salute Our Shorts
by Paul Lander
“The Last Mento in My Pocket”
by Wade George

Screams and Grumbles
“Recipe for Water Cake”
by Daniel Smither
“The Future of Literature”
by James Fluty
“My Grandson, My Computer and My Office”
by Charlie Britten

Annals of the Flesh
“Trust, Cigarettes and How to Travel With Someone You Hate”
by Jessica Quick
“To Whom It May Concern”
by Mike Jackson

John Pavon Zone
“Hobo BIrd Man”
by John Pavon

Comic Relief
“You’re A Bad Man, Chubby Browne”
by Michael Capozzola
“Drug War Firing Squad”
by Joe Blakeley

The Palate Cleanser
“Bad Bones and Baklava”
by Pania Oz

Department of Etymological Nonsense
“Hanging Party”
by Amy Schneider

“The Lemming Sisters”
by Toni M. Todd

Division of Infrastructure
“BMW Supermodel”
by Phil Lemos
by Matt Black

Department of Human Resources
by Katie Hackmeister
“People Person”
by Chelsea Gopaul

Articles of Faith
“Preacher Donovan”
by Jack Bristow
“A Modest Proposal From a Parallel World”
by William H. Libaw

No, YOU’RE Fucked Up!
by Scott Oglesby
“Maximum Efficiency”
by Scott Erickson

Enchanted Affairs
“The Chivalrous Cavalier”
by James Neenan

Chronicles of Higher Education
“The Blue Item”
by Andrew Hogan

Iambic Ixplosion
“Hits and Errors*”
by Jeff Santosuosso
“Don’t tell me not to take a puff”
by Elizabeth Oehlschlaeger
“The Truth About Me”
by Alexandra Magearu
“Rage Against Causality”
by James Fluty
“in abcess of intimacy”
by David Haase
“emotional intelligence at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory”
by David Haase

Smack-Talk of the Town
“Cruelty-Free Cocaine”
by Isa Hopkins, editor-at-large

Photographic Evidence