Mostly I write stuff. In a former life I took on big social topics through jokes — sometimes successfully, sometimes not. Now it’s a lot of sincere essays, amongst other social and literary forms. I’m a relentless advocate for the emancipatory power of intimate friendship, and I’m the sort of person who unironically uses phrases like “the emancipatory power of intimate friendship” often enough that it’s in my phone’s AutoComplete.

I grew up mostly in Cleveland, spent a year at Caltech, graduated from Georgetown, and lived in the Bay Area for a decade before moving to Los Angeles. I’m a storyteller, stage manager, two-term AmeriCorps alumni, recovering comedian (see photo), forager, fermenter, kimchi connoisseur, abolitionist, and union steward; a botanizing, bus-loving pedestrian adrift in Southern California sprawl; a Cuban-American committed to dismantling the anti-Black, anti-Indigenous construction of “Latinidad”; a nonbinary woman; and a devoted tia. Sometimes I sell stuff on Etsy.

I maintain the archives for Femikaze and Hobo Pancakes (both part of that aforementioned past life) via this website to ensure that those collaborations remain accessible to everyone who participated.