Founded in 2011 by Kelly Anneken and Isa Hopkins, Femikaze created opportunities in comedy for self-identifying ladies of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and orientations.  Femikaze performed in the award-winning Comedy Brains show in April and May of 2011 and was featured regularly in “A Funny Night for Comedy” at the Actors’ Theater of San Francisco.  “Night of the Living Femikaze,” the group’s first independent production, had a sellout run at Berkeley’s Subterranean Arthouse in October 2011, which they repeated in March 2012 with “Femikaze History Month.”  They returned to the Arthouse over the summer of 2012 with “A Femikaze Summer’s Eve,” and presented an all-star stand-up showcase (“Femikaze For President”) in October 2012.  In 2013, Femikaze performed as part of SF SketchFest and Bay Area LadyFest, and began producing sketches for web video.  In 2014, Femikaze made their second appearance in SF SketchFest. Throughout 2014, Femikaze developed a comedy curriculum for teenage girls, and began teaching in January 2015 in partnership with Girls Inc. of Alameda County.

Executive Director: Kelly Anneken

Associate Executive Director: Isa Hopkins    

Teaching Artists: Carinne Salnave & Irene Tu    

Performance Troupe: Kay-c Allen, Natasha Muse, Erin Lisette, Carinne Salnave, Kirsten Macauley, Evangeline Reilly, Allison Blackwell, Therese Garcia, Brit Frazier  

Writers: Isa Hopkins, Kelly Anneken, Kay-c Allen, Natasha Muse, Evangeline Reilly, Therese Garcia, Elly Westberg.    

Tech/Video: Dylan West, Zoe Salnave, Hilda Schmelling    

Site Photography: Amber Gregory, Jessie Christiansen    

Graphic Design: Suzanna Koolidge    

Stand-up Comedians: Lydia Popovich, Karinda Dobbins, Colleen Watson, Shanti Charan, Kristee Ono, Reyna Amaya, Caitlin Gill, Chris Burns, Clare O’Kane, & Nina G.    

We also acknowledge & appreciate the contributions of the following: Marga Gomez, Lydia Popovich, Taneseia Witt, Shannon Holbrooke, Elly Westberg, & Naomi Reagan.