A note about this blog: it has lived what is, by digital standards, a long life. It began as Google Reader comments and shares when I was twenty-five years old; it migrated to Tumblr, then to self-hosted WordPress, then back to Tumblr again, then returned to self-hosted WordPress on a different site, before finally arriving here. I have tried to ensure that formatting and links remain unbroken during all of those transitions, but I’m sure there are some errors. I’ve also edited out those posts which I found too trivial to preserve; I have, however, maintained a number of posts with which I no longer agree, because the best reason to maintain a blog is to have a public, accountable record of one’s own thinking, and my thinking has (blessedly) developed since 2009. My opinions have shifted, my arguments have become stronger, my use of ableist language has declined — but I will preserve the record of my youthful folly because I find it a valuable example to set, for myself as much as for others, to practice the humility of publicly acknowledging that I have been wrong, in many and various ways; and to remind myself that I will surely be wrong again, but that doesn’t make the process of learning and critiquing and discussing and thinking any less worthwhile.