Letters to the Editor

This issue marks a record low in “Letters to the Editor” submissions–and we mean low.  DrKovacsFL didn’t write us any passive-aggressive limericks, no Nigerians asked us for any money, and no one even wrote in to complain about JHM! Still, even with a lack of letters, we managed to make letterade by culling the Direct Messages from the Hobo Pancakes Twitter account.  We are replying to them exclusively via this issue of Hobo Pancakes because we’re OG like that.  Enjoy!


Hi Hobo Pancakes, great name by the way, look forward to Tweeting with you.

Dear NJBuchanan,

Yes, it is a great name, isn’t it?  Please do tell all of your friends to follow @hobopancakes on Twitter! Unless that NJ in your name stands for “New Jersey.”  We don’t need Snooki and her ilk mucking up our Twitter feed with all their self-tanner and Italian food.  Ick.


The Hobo Pancakes Team


Thank You ! I’m a steampunk jewelry Designer on ETSY:  www.CatherinetteRings.com

Dear SteampunkRings,

Well, whoopty-freakin-doo. We don’t know what a steampunk is, but it sounds damp and annoying.  Besides, you’re not the only one with an online store. Hobo Pancakes sells t-shirts via a partnership with Spreadshirt.  Go to our website and click the “Glad Rags” tab to check it out.  We’d go to your Etsy site to laugh at it, but we’re prohibited from visiting any Etsy-owned pages.  Court order. Long story.


The Hobo Pancakes Team


Danke r’s Folgen. Flash-Genuss: http://bit.ly/wortblitze od im Engl. Original: http://bit.ly/fflash – bitte retweeten! enjoy!

Dear wortblitze,

We’re sorry, we don’t speak tinyurl.


The Hobo Pancakes Team

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