Photographic Evidence

“Hot Men With Breakfast Foods: Activism”

by Ruth “Rooster” Flanagan, editorial internME.0329.chavez1.jpg






Cesar Chavez with some hippie-shit granola.  Probably Mexican granola, too.


Gandhi with hippie-shit granola.  Do Indians have granola?  Granola curry?


Harvey Milk with some of the gayest granola around.


Malcolm X with some granola… y’know, he doesn’t quite fit in with all the damn dirty hippies on this list.  How does activism work?  Is it just a matter of granola?


Martin Luther King had a dream.  A dream about granola.


WEB DuBois and some granola.  Who’s WEB DuBois?  Who names their kid WEB?  Is he even a real person?  Where’s my Percocet, damnit?!


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