Photographic Evidence

“Depth of Feeling”

by Tanya LaBrakeTanya_LaBrake-Depth_of_Feeling


“Hot Men With Breakfast Foods”

by Ruth “Rooster” Flanagan, editorial intern


Desi Arnaz with café Cubano.  I once played backseat bingo with this swank gentleman while he was “on a break” from Lucy.  If he was still alive, I’d throw this coffee right in his cheating face.


Jakob Dylan with Denny’s banana-caramel French toast—what a drugstore cowboy!  Just like his marble-mouth dad.



The always ossified Snoop Lion (nee Dogg) with a chipotle & pork mini-quiche.



Donald Glover with a breakfast burrito held up to his kisser.  Usually he’s a ring-a-ding comedy man, but our editor gals tell me sometimes he does what my granddaughter calls “wrapping.”  Wish he’d swing by my house to take care of all these Christmas presents I have!

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