By Design

“Introducing HungryHole”

by Theodore Klein



Introducing HungryHole®, the hand-held, top-of-the-line product-disposer from Electronic Buffet Co., makers of CompuNibble® and ModemMunch®.


Tired of the same old gadgets at the dinner table? HungryHole® will devour cell phones for you, laptops, even the TV. Got an electronic pet? Not anymore!


Somebody at the office obsessing over the latest smartphone? HungryHole® brings them back to earth by consuming their electronics quietly and quickly. Now we’re talking!


Let’s say you’re going on an iTrip with your iPhone, iPad, iMac, iPod and iDildo but the airline wants an extra $75 to transport your synthesizer. HungryHole® will eat all your technology in under three seconds! Now you’ve got the time and the money to hit up a bowl of clam chowder, buy a pack of gum and watch people walk by! Hey, how about a bottle of water? You’ve earned it.


HungryHole® isn’t “cool” like other consumer goods. It doesn’t “work really well,” nor “look really great.” But it gets the job done and it’s cheap enough to buy another, and another. Heck–if you aren’t happy with it, your wife will be. Each purchase of HungryHole® now comes with a darling FEED THE HOLE® carrying case designed by Luis Vitton, and 10% of all proceeds goes to the fight against skinny bitches!


So what are you waiting for? Buy a HungryHole® and have a hell of a weekend.


HungryHole® Because you shouldn’t have to consume your own electronics.


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