Iambic Ixplosion

“The Fatal Diet of Danny D. Wyatt”

by Paul Goldberg


Danny D. Wyatt couldn’t keep to a diet.
Try as he might his stomach wouldn’t be quiet.

Feed me. Feed me that stomach did cry.
Poor Danny D., he was forced to comply.

Apples pies and cinnamon toast,
eggs and bacon it loved the most.

Cakes and soda it loved them, too.
Gum drops and licorice it loved to chew.

On it went day after day.
The stomach consumed all in its way.

Soon Danny’s stomach reached the floor.
The stomach insisted on eating more.

Danny’s stomach filled all the room.
It looked around for what else to consume.

There was Danny alone for an hour.
Guess what his stomach chose to devour?



“A Little Bird”

 by Tim Tobin


A little bird stalked the grass and a little bird snared a worm

A little bird gobbled the worm and a little bird pooped my car.


A little bird danced in the rain and a little bird sat on a limb

A little bird pecked some seed and a little bird pooped my window.


A little bird soared the clouds and a little bird perched in a bush.

A little bird ate a berry and a little bird pooped my walk.


A little bird built a nest and a little bird teased a cat

A little bird ate……..Holy Crap!


My big cat ate the little bird,

My big cat pooped a turd.



“Red Hot Love”

by Abigail Dimaano


Oh, how I love your fiery fingers

Your smell keeps me up

I sneak to you at night

I’d drive miles to see you

I’d do anything for you

You’re my dirty little secret

My sister can’t find out about us

She’d steal you if she laid eyes on you

You’re always faithful to me

You never give up on me

You’re good company

In cold weather

But I’d have you any day

Why are you so good?

You hurt me more than anything

I run to buckets of water

I shed a few tears

And wipe my nose

But I still end up finishing the bag

Hot Cheetos, I love you

Please don’t burn me again




“Sky Hunter”

by Alek Javier


High up above the ivory clouds,
I watched a metal bird soar,
Without the hunters claws,
Or killer’s beak,
It left me to wonder,
How did it eat?

It unleashed a mighty roar,
That shook the sky,
And ruffled my feathers, as I flew by,
I could not react,
As another approached,
And I felt my heart, reach into my throat.

But the beast ignored me,
To my relief,
It pursued the other,
with the most burning heat,
A streak of fire, escaped its wing,
And stuck the first, in a bright red ring.

The peace was broken,
The first bird struck down,
It burned like cinders,
Down to the ground,
Here the alphas, took control,
Robbing the sky of sanctuary.

For days I have watched,
The steel birds across the sea,
Ruthless uprooters, of the olive tree,
Cower before, their skyward reign,
Or be erased, by eggs of flame,
Fear the Sky Hunter.



“The Setting of the M-Shaped Sun”

by Jeannie Tsao


Recently on KTLA Five News…

McDonalds had its reputation chewed,

Anchors anchored it hard on its buns,

But a girl paid no attention,

As she hardly ever crosses that M-shaped sun.


She was on the way to a race,

The cactus in her stomach put her in a hungry haze.

Unable to stomach the pain,

She found one of the stores in that chain,

And as she ordered number one from the menu,

She really did not have a clue,

It would prevent her from the number one spot in the venue.


It came to her when she ran her first legit one-fourth mile,

Different colors poured out of her mouth for a long while.

The coach verbally vomited a twenty minute lecture,

A lecture she never forgot, a lecture that blamed her hurl of yellow despair.

All that cheese, gone…All that lemonade, gone…All those French fries, gone…



“Ain’t No Simian”

 by Nick Bosworth


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