‘Graph Garden

“Sarcasm Does Not Translate Through Texts”
by Levi Gribbon

My pocket vibrates. I take out my phone and look at it. The text message reads, “Theodore wants to hang out with you  tommorrow but he shoved his phone up his ass and it stopped working so i have to ask for him.” I am not sure if this is a joke or not. Theodore is that kind of guy.


“The Oddballs”
by Barb Chandler

“Nobody’s here, and it’s almost 10:00,” Dana looked around the empty lobby. “Are you sure the meeting’s at 10:00?”

“That’s what the notice said. Maybe everyone is in the auditorium,” Sam said. “Let’s go in.”

“You’re sure the flyer said Friday?” Dana looked around the empty room.


“It’s after 10:00 and I still don’t-“ Dana stopped mid-sentence when a man walked onto the stage.

“Welcome to the meeting of Children from Functional Families,” said the moderator.

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