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Yesterday’s elections are big news, certainly, but hardly the only news in town — here are some other good pieces that might have been missed:

This is a nice reminder that many government employees are, in fact, competent and devoted public servants, while this is an excellent takedown of the right-wing idea that the proper way to jumpstart the current economy is to go to war (because, you know, Afghanistan has served our economy so well).  Grist offers a comprehensive discussion of the benefits of using public transit instead of cars as a method for transporting children, the generally-excellent Kevin Drum explores the thin-skinned wealthy, Miller-McCune looks at the failure of welfare reform, and The New Yorker offers insight into foreclosure mills.

Two pieces in particular deserve to be read: this analysis of the shortcomings of the quality of American healthcare, and this reportage on the prison industry’s support of anti-immigration legislation (in Arizona and across the country).  Do yourself a favor and read (and share) them both — even if it’s past the point of swaying anybody’s vote, it’s never too late to be informed.

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