Photographic Evidence

“Hot Men With Breakfast Foods” by Ruth “Rooster” Flanagan, editorial intern

“Desi Arnaz with cafe cubano”


That Desi Arnaz is one good-lookin’ crooner.  I don’t even mind that he’s a Mexican!*

“Channing Tatum with tater tots”


One of the attendants at the nursing home left us her copy of “Magic Mike” by accident.  Boy howdy, does that tape sure get a lot of use!!!

“George Clooney with a cinnamon roll”

GeorgeClooneyCinnamonRollI heard that George is engaged to some British chickadee.  Well, it was about time for this silver fox to settle down!  Good looks don’t last forever, George — just ask Mamie Eisenhower!



*Editors’ Note: Desi Arnaz is Cuban, not Mexican.

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