Department of Etymological Nonsense

“Objective Correlative”

by Reginald Fairfax

September 1, 1939

This bar needs more

literate napkins.

This is Just to Say

I ate your god-dammed


Sea Poppies

Ekphrastic O’Keefe

about coral reef.


Are you dead

pretty lady?

The Circus Animals’ Desertion

Where has my muse


The Hollow Men

We sad.

Moreover, the Moon —


Black Jacks

You can rob me

you can leave me

you can take my gun

just don’t take away

my cigarettes or my

pen, or my drink, my

friend– you can take

my money; it spends

like lust, but please,

oh bitch please, don’t

take my bones, don’t

take my rust, don’t eat

my hair, my breast, or

my dust– don’t eat my liver,

don’t eat my hair, don’t push

out my puss. Leave me

and I’ll leave you be. It’s

you or me or bust.

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