Photographic Evidence

“Sometimes A Saint, Sometimes A Sinner”

“It’s Just A Cock”

by Brett Stout







Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 8.56.18 AM



“Hot Men With Breakfast Foods: Consumer Electronics Edition”

by Ruth “Rooster” Flanagan, editorial intern


Two great hunks of man-meat!  It's Bill Gates with some lab-grown beef.
Two great hunks of man-meat! It’s Bill Gates with some lab-grown beef.
Steve Wozniak with an apple. I saw this guy on “Dancing With the Stars,” and then my granddaughter told me who he was and that he worked for Apple! So I put him with an APPLE! Ha ha!
Steve Jobs is ANOTHER guy who used to work for Apple! You get it, right?


This is Larry Ellison. He’s some hotshot tech guy who is also a total shitstick, so here’s hoping he chokes on that hot dog and dies, just like my first husband Pete did.  Pete never liked my hot dog salad.  Ass. — RF

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