Duly Noted

I’ve been negligent in my linking duties around here lately.  Chalk it up to a summer of adventure.


And now, some of the backlog:


Democracy is not a steady-state condition.


– The Boston Marathon bomber, Trayvon Martin, image, physicality, criminality: what does it mean to “look like a monster”, anyway?


Taking stock of the two-state solution.


– A morning-after HIV pill exists.


– Remember when big-box booksellers (Borders, Barnes & Noble) were the bad guys, destroying independent booksellers?  Well, now that the independents have stabilized as a niche market and Amazon has wiped out both Borders and most of the ambiance of book-buying, paeans to the spirit of Barnes & Noble are a thing.


– There is lead in hot sauce.  You will pry my Tapatio out of my cold, dead, lead-crazed hands.


Feminism 101.


– Edward Snowden and the NSA: how we talk about his actions (and what that implies about the legality of the NSA’s program); the woman who got the word out on his behalf; and an overview from an ally.

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