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Countdown To Tyranny


Please inform your readers that beginning March 3, 2012 (about 10 days from now) U.S. citizens will no longer have the right to trial guaranteed by the sixth Amendment to the Constitution when the National Defense Authorization Act takes affect. And just as the military did in Nazi Germany the NDAA will empower U.S. special forces to break into peoples’ homes at 3 o’clock in the morning, roust them from their beds, hogtie and blindfold them and haul them off to some secret prison to be held indefinitely without trial – all done under an umbrella of secrecy with accountability to no one.


In direct contradiction of our constitutional rights of due process, the NDAA authorizes the U.S. military to round up any U.S. citizen here or anywhere else in the world who is considered un-American and hold them indefinitely. And make no mistake about it – indefinitely means ‘for the rest of their natural lives’. Compared to the 1950’s where other ‘un-Americans’ were subpoenaed before Congress, the NDAA offers no such opportunity and instead will secretly imprison anyone anytime for any reason without trial, basically stripping every American of their civil rights.


Whom do we thank for this new republic? For one, our two senators, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer who voted for the NDAA along with the majority of Congress and President Obama who signed it into law Dec. 31. As a result of this insult to our hard-won civil liberties by a simple show of  hands in Washington Americans will be now expected to look the other way when their neighbors are hauled off while still being called upon to pledge their allegiance to a nation that makes a mockery of our time-honored freedoms. As George Bush said after 9/11, “They resent our freedoms”. Well, not any more. If this not the height of hypocrisy then nothing is. Thank you Mr. President and Senators Feinstein and Boxer.


Bram Druckman

San Rafael, CA

February 2012



Dear Bram Druckman,

We will be sure to inform all of our readers that on March 3, 2012, they will be roused from their beds, hogtied, and blindfolded.  By the government, instead of their preferred dominatrixes.  Or is it dominatrices?


the HP team



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