Iambic Ixplosion

“Ode to Pac-Man”

by AJ Huffman





by Riley Welcker



With dash and dance down round the dills,

half past the puddin’ please,


fast circling you, fast circling me,

it’s love; we finally meet;


and with a tip-tap-slip-a-tisk,

my insides give a leap.


This is how we were meant to be:

the world I leave the wild


white lilacs of your china plate—

a new life love has nipped for me—


to totter on your silver tines,

a sweet green garden pea.


I rise to your full lovely lips

and quiver wistfully


on rosy rills and courtly dips,

oh! Heavenly delay;


for you, my love, I sacrifice

my mush to mute your May.

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