I would be remiss not to offer some thoughts on the Big Story Of The Day, but two people have already said everything that can be said, and more eloquently:

1.  Radley Balko reflects on the cost of killing one man; and

2.  Kai Wright discusses the warped logic that killing one man is a valid source of American exceptionalism.


In less-topical reads, The New Yorker offers a handy intellectual overview of reality television, and Guernica takes a look at Disney’s internship program – which, after two years of employ in a law office that dealt frequently in labor rights, I can confidently say is in pretty flagrant violation of the Department of Labor’s internship guidelines.  (One of the most basic of which is that an intern is not merely performing tasks that could be achieved by a paid employee – like, say, valet parking…)  I’m always happy to call bullshit on ‘the happiest place on earth’, and all the utopian faux-nostalgia it peddles on the backs of exploited labor, selective cultural memory, and strict gender, ethnic, and class consciousness, so… give it a read!

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