Mind Grapes

Tidbits of note from across the Interwebs:

1.  An interesting discussion about urban policy.

2.  Taking the long view on social media.

3.  Football as a lens on prejudice and humanity.

Also, just an observation: amongst the various blogs I read today, I encountered federal calls for increased participation by bright young people in four particular occupations — doctor, engineer, teacher, and farmer.  What’s particularly striking in this post-crisis world is just how basic and tangible all four of these career choices are; they (even medicine) lack the glamour of finance or law, with the promise of flashy suits, fast cars, and easy riches.  They’re not “desk jobs”, although they might involve time spent at a desk.  Their utility is apparent in their premise; they deal with fundamental values — healing, making, teaching, growing.  And they’re much less popular than society needs them to be.

I don’t really have a final point on that (my brain is worn down by lack of sleep and encroaching sickness), but it really stuck out to me, so I thought I’d share.

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