The Random Thoughts of JHM

Random Thought: New Words
d’lflungrin [dolph lundgren]
(past and past participle d’flungrined [dolph lundgren-ed], present participle d’lflungrin [dolph lundgren-ing], 3rd person present singular d’lflungrins [dolph lundgrens]
1. act like Dolph Lundgren: to resemble the characteristics of Ivan Drago, a character played by Dolph Lundgren in Rocky IV.
“Breathing through his nostrils and without a left shoe, Teddy d’lflungrined a triathlon in under an hour.”
2. pulverize something: to effortlessly destroy an object.
“On my sprint home from the dojo I passed an exploding oak tree, because I d’lflungrined it.”
3. resemble a machine: somebody acting in a way that resembles a robot.
“Andy d’lflungrined eighteen doughnuts, then he went out for supper at Mandarin Buffet.”
coop d’twat [koonamatwata]
1. overthrow of manhood: the swift seizure of the manliness and manpower of an adulterous male by a group of females who use blitzkrieg tactics and deploy from the women’s restroom, headquarters.
“Flanking from the women’s bathroom, the coop d’Ãtwat swarmed in on him, Sancho Panza, who didn’t stand a chance.”
2. Females interrogating a male: a squadron of women aggressively questioning a man who they suspect has cheated on his girlfriend, who’s crying in the women’s restroom.
“Ever since the coop d’twat incident, Albert hasn’t talked much and will never see Paige again.”
Schwap [shwap]
noun (plural schwaps)
triumphant shout: the sound of victory.
“Jimmy called Sally a slut so Sally kicked Jimmy in the balls and yelled, ‘Schwap!'”
Glued [glood]
Extremely stoned: to be so blasted off the stickiest, ickiest California chronic that the individual becomes temporarily immobile and stuck to the couch.
“After smoking too much reefer Harry was totally glued, then he snapped out of it and started making up words.”

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