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Random Thought: Fred

Nobody has ever seen the bird called Fred, but everyone has heard his chirps. He comes around in the springtime, between two and five o’clock in the morning. Is he invisible? Perhaps.

To the ear, he sounds like this:

“Pchew. Pchew. Pchew. Pchew. Ringeringeringeringer. Drrrrret! Pchew. Pchew. Pchew. Drrrrret! Karrrrrat ta te! Pchew. Pchew. Pchew. Pchew.”

But in your heart he sounds like this:

“Where? What? Who? Fuck? Is that a bird? Shhhhhit! Oh my god. It’s four o’clock in the morning probably. For chrissake. Did that bird just say karate? That Goddam/fucking/silly bird is sooo ______ annoying!”

Random Thought: Peter Pan and Indian Philosophy

Ever since I was a young boy I’ve wanted to fly to Never Never Land like Peter Pan.

Who says I can’t?

On December 27, 1904, the very first theatrical performance of “Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up,” a play written by Scottish writer J.M. Berrie, had taken place at a theatre in London, England. “Never Never,”which are both the same word, leads to a double negation, because the two words have been written in repetition. Thus, from the original title “Never Never Land,” we are left with one word: “Land.” Now, “land” is a very, very vague term. It could mean “part of earth” or “imaginary place.” To me, “part of earth” and “imaginary place” should never never be used to define the same word. I will tie this in further down the page.

According to the metaphysics of Yoga Sutra, there are two principles of “meditative concentration” (samadhi). The first one doesn’t matter here, so forget it and “imagine” there is only one: nirvikalpa. Yes. Nirvikapla. Not only is it such a cool word, but it is also the only principle of “meditative concentration” (remember: imagine).

The reason “meditative concentration” has and is placed in quote marks within the previous text, is because some guy named Richard King uses that term to define “samadhi.” The problem: both of those words have been written in nearly the same repetitive fashion as “Never Never,” because “meditation” and “concentration” mean almost THE EXACT SAME THING. So, from now on, I will no longer put it in quotes. However, I am not the knucklehead who originally coined the term. Remember that. And King is far, far, far from a writer who chooses his words wisely. It’s because he has a small . . . imagination.

Nirvikalpa relates to consciousness. Specifically, it is consciousness leading to a high, high, HIGH state of mind.

Once a person is high enough, his or her mind reaches purusa, which is the highest state of mind. Purusa is pure consciousness. It is also a state of mind in which one has discontinued to think like a knucklehead. A knucklehead identifies reality with a mind-body complex and therefore FAILS to see reality beyond how the knucklehead PERCEIVES reality. Basically, one who has attained purusa sees the REAL reality.

Keep it real. Attain purusa.

See, the problem is that every individual is doomed by knowledge.

Have a look at this:

“The stream of consciousness (citta-nadi) flows in both directions. It flows to the good and it flows to the bad. The one beginning with knowledge and ending with isolation flows to the good. The one beginning with ignorance and ending in rebirth (samsara) flows to the bad.”

If one flows to the bad he or she is on a freeway without an off-ramp and will never ever make it to Never Never Land. I, however, am already on my way. Why am I already on my way? Simply because I am high, high, high and my state of mind is flowing, flying toward the good.

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  1. No shit, Poughkeepsie. If you want the real shit then send me an email, otherwise stop picking your feet. You’ve been picking your feet, right? When’s the last time you picked your feet in Poughkeepsie? Tell me more. There’s quite a bit, a bunch of stuff to disagree with here. Don’t agree? With what? Fiction? Ha! That’s because you’ve yet to liberate yourself from the universal. It’s 3 am. Thanks for reading.

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