The Random Thoughts of JHM

Random Thought: Drugs and Dreams

I have quit smoking drugs and stealing is wrong and so is taking drugs. It’s been over a month since my last dance with the devil. Besides prescribed medication and Advil and shit like that, smoking grass is the only drug I’ve ever done. Just a little reefer every now and then, you know? But then, only then. Not now. Not anymore. What is a drug, anyway? The dictionary on my computer says it’s “a natural or artificial substance given to treat or prevent disease or to lessen pain.” That’s pretty vague, don’t you think? Is a hot tub a drug? The warm water makes my body feel better after a long day of exercise. Is exercise a drug? Hm. I really don’t know what a drug really is.

Anyhow, I have started having dreams again. It’s pretty weird. After I quit smoking pot, I started dreaming again. It took about two weeks of sobriety before I had a dream, though. But that was like two weeks ago. Ever since then I’ve had some of the most amazing adventures of my life. Just last night I had a wonderful dream about some friends and I on a camping trip. It was great. You should’ve been there. We were singing songs by the campfire and smoking tons of reefer.

Random Thought: Contact Lenses

My eyes are itchy as hell. Yeah, I just switch ointment. It’s been a tough change for me. That’s what happens when you buy the cheap kind, I guess. But goddam it feels like my eyes are cataract for chrissake!

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