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Another great post over at Rortybomb, about the fundamental anti-consumer problems with overdraft charges.

This story is full of insights that seem glaringly obvious, but, given the last sixty years of policy, apparently aren’t. Studies show that a long commute is the factor most deleterious to happiness, but people persistently underestimate the effect of a lengthy drive to and from work on their state of mind (similarly, people have a tendency to overestimate the impact of a big house on their happiness).

Lastly, this story is fascinating in what it speaks to in terms of gender politics… even if it is not, of course, unproblematic.  The author’s contention that having a vagina shouldn’t be a safety concern reminds me of a classic Wanda Sykes bit (hey, if comedy didn’t have the potential to speak to serious social issues, I wouldn’t be doing it… maybe).  If you do one thing today, click on that link and watch the clip, because it is a perfect little piece of stand-up genius.

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