On Israel

Written in September 2014.  Not posted because WHY WOULD I INVITE THAT INTO MY LIFE eh fuck it though…   My life isn’t complicated enough. I think I’ll write about Israel.   Much ink has already been spilled about Israel, and Palestine; my purpose here isn’t to add to the cacophony but to clarify certainRead moreRead more

Sudden-Onset Baby-Mania: A Sufferer’s First-Hand Account

Another tidbit from before this blog even existed: written in 2008.  Edited in 2012, by which point the sentiment had already well passed, but oh well…   The biological clock is rumored to exist within all human females; it begins its supposed steady progression at menarche, the moment it is turned on, but the tickingRead moreRead more

Enter the NoPhone

Wrote this in September of 2014 — it was commissioned by Shareable, who then didn’t run it (or pay me).  Transient and forgettable?  Maybe… but so was the topic.   If you or someone you care about happened to be among the huddled masses lined up outside an Apple store awaiting the iPhone 6, thenRead moreRead more

Our Dumpsters, Ourselves

Written in April 2012.  I came up the title and needed SOMETHING to match it!   When conservative pundits caricature progressive, ecologically-minded urbanists as hothoused wealthy elites, I can’t help but laugh: I fit the profile as far as a college degree goes, but I’ve also spent more time in a dumpster than I everRead moreRead more

Your San Francisco Treat

Reaching waaaaaaaaaaay back before this blog even existed: March, 2007.  This was written for an NYC friend’s zine, and I honestly have no idea whether it was ever published, or whether the zine even existed past its first issue…   In September of 2006, I moved back home for a temporary, painful stint in Cleveland. Read moreRead more

“Sharing,” My Ass!

Written late October 2014 for Grist; they decided not to run it and sent it to Shareable; they also declined. So here we are. Have you shared lately?  I don’t mean “share” in the sense that most of us use the word — the sense that we’re taught in preschool and kindergarten, the sense thatRead moreRead more

Dear America: You’re Doing It Wrong (#Ferguson edition)

According to my computer, I wrote this in 2014 — on Christmas Day.  Huh.   Hey there!  Do you have opinions about what’s happened/happening in Ferguson?  Of course you do!  You’re a person.  Perhaps even a person who cares about peace and justice!  Maybe you could use some extra ammunition for all of your FacebookRead moreRead more

#YesAllWomen: A (Kind Of) Homily

Written in June of 2014.     Some thing are worth saying because they are timely; others, because they are true.    Lately in Cleveland, I have had a routine: after the quieting of the daytime bustle and as the long summer evenings bent into darkness, once parents were asleep, I made tea and tookRead moreRead more

Going Home

More from the archives — this was written about a year ago.  I’m not entirely sure if I decided that it was finished or not….   My executive director recently discovered that I’m Cuban.  “Oh,” she said, scrolling through an Internet video to show me a particularly cruel squat she’d seen, “are you going toRead moreRead more

Les Mis-a-Trois

Another blast from the past: an attempt at the Internet-hallowed form known as “snarky recap,” from early 2013.  Because I always shoot for the advanced-level shit, this first effort was for a threefer — the novel, stage musical, and movie musical versions of “Les Miserables.”   A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO LES MIS   Tom Hooper’sRead moreRead more