Welcome back, hereditary Hobo habitues!

This issue can trace its ancestry all the way back to the Mayflower, so feel free to blame it for America’s Puritan work ethic, the Trail of Tears, and the proliferation of clam chowder on chain restaurant menus.

We are happy to pass along pedigreed prose, patrimonial poetry, and antique artwork.  “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” traces the author’s lifelong search for notoriety, “History of Early Music” navigates the murky waters of adolescent lust, and “Jesussic Park” imagines Christ as a badass dinosaur slayer.  “No Comment” follows an editor’s quest to have a royal wedding of her own as “Smack Talk of the Town” lifts the seedy wattle of fire-escape heritage turkey breeding.

Gather up your heirlooms, climb the family tree and enjoy the legacy that is Hobo Pancakes!

With inherited/heritageous sincerity,

The Hobo Pancakes Team

Letters to the Editor

No Comment

“A Fairy Tale Stalker”
by Kelly Anneken, managing editor
Screams & Grumbles
“Ready the Giant Hook”
by Mike Calahan
Annals of the Flesh
by Michael West
The John Pavon Zone
“Heritage Humbug”
by John Pavon
The Palate Cleanser
“The Czech Republic Is Not A Figment Of My Imagination”
by Crystal Beran
Musical Notes
“A History of Early Music”
by John Barker
Enchanted Affairs
“High Five, Danny O’C”
by Graham Tugwell
Ancient History
“Ancient History”
by Timmy Trabon
The Scrotal Sector
“Getting Fixed”
by Maui Holcomb
Department of Bad Trips
“The Great Canadian Pamphlet”
by Frank Allbritten
No, YOU’RE Fucked Up!
“All In The Family”
by Jack Bristow
“Touched By A Stranger”
by Tim Chorney
Iambic Ixplosion
by Leonard Verrastro
“Tango Dreams in Banff”
by Sue Chenette
Smack-Talk of the Town
“Call Of The Wild”
by Isa Hopkins, editor-at-large