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Copywriter, Cleveland State University 2014 admissions campaign; samples below:

In 2013, Isa was named one-half of the “Best Feminist Comedy Duo” by the East Bay Express, with Kelly Anneken.  

Arroyo Apothecary (2018-2019)

Femikaze (2011-2015)

Visit the Femikaze archives page to see more.

Girls Inc. (2014-2015)

Images, left to right: the crowd at the 2015 Women Who Dare awards; sample social media post; biographies of daring diverse women for tables at the 2015 Women Who Dare awards.

Check the May/June 2015 e-newsletter here.

Hobo Pancakes (2009-2015)

Check the debut (April 2015) issue of the Hobo Dispatch here, and (re)visit the Hobo Pancakes Twitter feed (maintained by Isa) here. Isa also designed & built the HP website, and now maintains the archive within Redwood and Birch.
Highlights from Isa’s HP ouevre:

Rebuilding Together (2011-2014)

Check Isa’s videos for RTO here; Isa also served as a House Captain for Rebuilding Together National’s annual Building a Healthy Neighborhood project in 2013 (Columbus, OH) & 2014 (Nashville, TN).

Father Christmas

And don’t forget that time Isa got quoted by Ta-Nehisi Coates.