Annals of the Flesh

“Boys See Beth”

by Dan Nielsen 


Beth was naked when she got up to start the coffee. A curtain was open. Boys walking to school saw her through the window. One yelled, “Naked girl!” Beth yanked the curtain shut. She stood there awhile. She peeked. “There! Look!”

“Tim, some boys saw me.”

“I heard.”

Tim was reading in bed. Beth peeked again.

“There she is!”

“They’re still there.”

“What exactly did they see?”

Beth calculated the height of the window sill, the position of her pubic bone, the angle down to the sidewalk.

“Just tits.”

“It’s okay then. They may go on to lead normal lives.”

Beth slid past the window and moved to the kitchen. While the coffee brewed, she busied herself with last night’s dishes. She then filled two cups, black for Tim, milk and sweetener for herself, and carried them back to the bed.

“They’re still there,” Tim said.

“Are you sure?”

“I can hear them talking.”

“What are they talking about?”

“What do you think?”

“Maybe you should do something.”

“What? Beat them up? Tell their parents?”

“We should call the police.” Beth meant it to be funny, but it was funnier than she meant.  She laughed so hard she peed. “Tim, I peed myself.”

“Beth, honey, you pee yourself a lot.”

This made her laugh more. She ran for the bathroom. On her return she peeked through the curtains.

“She’s back!”

“Tim, there are more now. What am I supposed to do?”

“You could get dressed.”

Instead, Beth pulled the curtain aside, and stood there, hands on hips. She waved, blew a kiss, and the boys all ran away.


The End.

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